A man in a fine suit Suits

Most men comment on how fast and even enjoyable the entire shopping experience is at 3 Day Suit Broker. It could be that with over 5,000 suits per store, we have the largest men's suit selection per location of any retailer in Southern CA, maybe even the nation. No doubt it also helps that we carry the latest styles and colors in virtually all sizes. And when you consider that our suits are priced from $99 and up, it’s easy to see why we make finding a suit that’s a perfect fit for your style and budget a painless process.

You’ll also like that our sales staff is not on commission. So there is never any pressure for you to buy. And they can help you put together outfits that are color coordinated and bring out your best whether you are conservative banker or an edgy entertainment executive. We also have tailors in every store. So you can be measured for alterations while you have the suit on. That means there is no need to make another trip for tailoring. In many cases, we can have the alterations done the same weekend. All things considered, you can count on us to help you look and feel great.